What to do with your old furniture?

What to do with your old furniture?

What to do with your old furniture?

Recycling furniture items can be difficult. Presently there is no way to get furniture items to compost if the wood products have been pressure treated or coated with lacquers or resins. At Scan Designs, we want to offer as many solutions as possible. This leaves people with the option of either reusing, selling, recycling, or disposing of the furniture in a landfill. You can call 1-800-GOT-JUNK. https://www.1800gotjunk.com/us_en. They do recycle untreated furniture items and help deliver items to charity when possible, according to their website. Canadian Mattress Recycling will recycle most furniture. https://canadianmattressrecycling.com/

Bamboo Furniture

If you want to go the route of giving away your old furniture items, you do have certain options.

Craig’s List is a perennial favorite of clients, as is Kijiji.

You can go to:
1) https://www.kijiji.ca/b-furniture/vancouver/c235l1700287
2) https://vancouver.craigslist.org/d/furniture/search/fua
3) Facebook market place is another option.


If you prefer to give items to charity.


(They) offer pickup service in Vancouver, Burnaby (west of Royal Oak) and
Richmond. Please contact the Coordinator: coordinator@homestart.ca

(They) pick up furniture for a minimum $50 donation. Drivers can accept cash, cheque or credit card or you may donate in advance online. They have also made the following statement on their website: “We are fortunate and grateful that we have many generous donors who have helped HomeStart set a high standard for the quality of donations we accept.”

What (they) accept:

* Night-tables & dressers
* Kitchen & dining room tables
* Chairs & sofas (no sofa beds)
* Armchairs
* Coffee tables
* Bookcases
* TV’s & VCR/DVD players
* Radios

Curbside Service

Certain cities also pick up furniture using curbside service:

1) City of Richmond – To schedule collection of up to four items per year, residents can contact the City’s service provider, Sierra Waste Services Ltd Customer Service at 604-270-4722 or schedule online at: https://www.richmond.ca/services/recycling/service.htm

2) City of New Westminster – For larger items requiring disposal, the City may be able to offer a special pick-up where the item(s) can be collected from the curb for a fee. Special pick-up inquiries can be made by calling: Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691. Please note: some restrictions apply. No refunds will be issued once payment is made.

3) City of Burnaby – Maybe. Call us (the city, from their website) to find out what we accept for large item pick up at 604-294-7972 before you place it outside, and we can arrange your pick-up date. Please note: All mattresses are required to be completely wrapped and sealed in plastic for collection.

4) City of Coquitlam – Residents who receive the City’s curbside collection service can have up to four large household items collected each year (July 1 to June 30) by choosing one of the following options:

a) Put out 4 items at the same time, once per year, or;
b) Put out 1, 2 or 3 items at different times of the year (to a maximum of 4 per year).

To schedule a Large Item Pick-up, please call Waste Connections of Canada at 604-636-3521.

5) City of Maple Ridge – Ridge Meadows Recycling provides a fee-for-pickup service and will pick up any large, recyclable item(s) within the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area, including mattresses. The pickup service includes anything that can be recycled at the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot such as fridges, freezers, stoves, furnaces, hot water tanks, barbecues, washers, dryers, TVs, computers, dishwashers, and other large appliances or electronics.

Download the RMRS A to Z List, listing what is accepted for recycling at the Depot.

Note: we do not pick up any corrosive, flammable, explosive, or otherwise hazardous materials. To request a pick up or quote, call 604-463-5545 or go to https://rmrecycling.org/recycling-pickup/large-item-pickup-service.

6) City of Port Coquitlam – NO

7) City of Vancouver – NO. There is a dump on Kent below Marine drive near Cambie Street.

If you do not see your city listed it would be best to call up the municipality to check on their services.

How to choose your next sofa?

How to choose your next sofa?

How to choose your next sofa?

In today’s world there are multiple choices for anything that you wish to purchase.  It is simple, you go to the store and look at what is available and an you bring home what you are already imagining in your head.  So just how to choose your next sofa?

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that.  There are a great many things to take in to account with a sofa purchase.

ScanDesigns 625 SectionalSIZE

Do you have a big or small space?  Are you going to have just a sofa or are you looking to have chairs in your space as well?  What about a coffee table, will there be one?  Is it going to be a sofa and loveseat or a sectional?

These simple questions may be easy to answer but they will also constrain the options out there for you to choose from.   TIP – measure your space before you walk into any furniture store.


What you use your space for will play a big factor in how your room is laid out.  If where you are putting the sofa is used for relaxing then you may want the sofa oriented to face an entertainment center, or if it is in a room that is used mainly for entertaining then you may have all your seating facing each other.

What is the lighting situation?  You may have to consider this as you may not want your sofa placed where you are getting direct sunlight on it or the people sitting on it?  TIP – take your usage into account.


Now that you have gotten the size and orientation determined its time to figure out what configuration or shape will help you accomplish that.  An “L” shaped sectional sofa is great for being used as a natural divider for rooms that need to be separated like a living room and dining room or kitchen.  If you are using for gatherings or entertaining then you may be looking for a rounder shape.

For the traditional sofa and loveseat configuration a room with chairs and small occasional tables will be the best choice.   TIP – refer to your usage plans for the shape of the sofa.

ScanDesigns Mark SectionalMATERIAL

Sofas come in many materials from fabric to suede to leather.  Each has their benefits and drawbacks.

If you have pets and small children suede may not be a good choice.  While beautiful you would want to seriously consider suede in this situation.

Fabric sofas offer more durability and a wide variety of colors and textures.  Cleaning a fabric sofa can be difficult and you may want to look at this when purchasing a sofa.

Leather offers a consistent style and wears well and can be fairly easy to clean.  Leather may not be the best choice if the room receives a fair amount of direct sunlight as it can cause the material to fade.


Each of us has our own style, choosing a sofa that matches that.  If you like modern then find a sofa with sleek lines and bold colors.  If your home is full of a mixture of colors and styles then maybe a sofa with a colorful fabric is best for you.

From traditional to modern to vintage to eclectic the style of sofa you choose combined with the material options gives you a chance to be truly unique.

ScanDesigns 5229 Sectional


The room where your sofa will reside will play a big factor in what color you choose.

If you are adding a sofa to an already decorated room then you may want to choose a color that is complementary or one that matches the wall color.  In the case where you may be redoing a room the sofa may be the inspiration for the rest of the room.

Bold or neutral colors will both augment any room; it’s just up to you and your preference on what you want.   Just remember that you do not want to settle on a sofa as it is one of the biggest purchases you will make for your home.

TIP – take advantage of any warranty or stain protection  that is offered.

Good luck with your sofa shopping.

About ScanDesigns

Since 1976, ScanDesigns has been furnishing homes with modern contemporary style furniture. We provide stylish, contemporary and high quality furniture at great prices. As an one-stop furniture store, we pride ourselves on having all the furniture you would need for you Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom and Office.

When you come to ScanDesigns furniture  you still get great service  which makes the shopping experience unique and that you only receive from a family owned and operated business.

With 6 locations in Coquitlam, Richmond, Langley, Victoria, Nanaimo as well as Kelowna, we are looking forward helping you.

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Why Choose Bamboo Furniture?

Why Choose Bamboo Furniture?

Why Choose Bamboo Furniture?

In this time of social responsibility one question that we get asked when people see our selection of Bamboo furniture is “Why should we choose Bamboo Furniture?”

ScanDesigns Azara Bed

Environmental Concerns

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and renewable resource that comes from sustainable and quickly growing forests. Bamboo grows 10 times faster than most hardwoods making it a great alternative to traditional wood furniture.

Bamboo FurnitureDurability

Bamboo Furniture stands up in everyday use much better than traditional hardwood furniture. For families with children this feature will ensure that your furniture will remain beautiful for longer.

Swelling & Shrinking

Due to the nature of Bamboo Furniture it does not shrink or swell due to changes in humidity. For this reason bamboo furniture with be used outside as well as inside.


Traditional hardwood from trees have a weakness, they do not grow as straight as Bamboo. With how straight Bamboo grows it features a strength that would make it stronger than most furniture in your home.

Bamboo FurnitureSelection

The many varieties of Bamboo offer such a wide selection of colors and textures that designers are now using this material in innovative designs. Bamboo is being used for chairs, beds, stools and even flooring.


With these reasons you can be assured that while choosing Bamboo Furniture is an environmentally conscious choice, it definitely is not the only one.

About ScanDesigns

Since 1976, ScanDesigns has been furnishing homes with modern contemporary style furniture. We provide stylish, contemporary and high quality furniture at great prices. As an one-stop furniture store, we pride ourselves on having all the furniture you would need for you Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom and Office.

When you come to ScanDesigns furniture  you still get great service  which makes the shopping experience unique and that you only receive from a family owned and operated business.

With 6 locations in Coquitlam, Richmond, Langley, Victoria, Nanaimo as well as Kelowna, we are looking forward helping you.

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Balancing Working Remotely with Living Happily

Balancing Working Remotely with Living Happily

Balancing Working Remotely with Living Happily

Technology and wide access to affordable broadband Internet have made it possible for many of us to work remotely a few times a week. Others can pursue remote positions with companies around the world!

Unfortunately, when you start telecommuting, it’s easy to fall into an “always-on” mindset. With work emails flooding your personal devices and your “office” just steps away, the boundary between your professional and personal worlds can start to blur. Establishing clear boundaries between your work and your home life is essential for your productivity and work-life balance.

EKOR-WorkLifeBalance-image1Manage Your Time and Make a Schedule
One of the best aspects of working from home is the flexibility of your schedule, so many people never establish a day-to-day schedule. Unfortunately, without a regular routine, work can slowly start taking over your entire day.

Set a time to start, a time to have lunch have lunch and a time to finish for the day. We all have days that don’t go just as planned, but most days should follow a basic routine.

Define Your Workspace
Taking calls and typing on your laptop from the comfort of your couch sounds great, but when you work from home, it’s important to set clear physical boundaries between where you work and where you live.

Whether it’s a home office or just a desk in a corner, define your workspace. Choose one place that you can begin to associate with work. Stresses related to work will stay where they belong, and it will be easier to disengage from work when the day is over, contributing to an overall positive work-life balance.

Dress the Part
It can be tempting to just roll out of bed and work in your pajamas, but wearing business clothes puts you in the right mindset for work. In fact, a study published in Human Resource Development Quarterly suggests that an employee’s attire has a significant impact on his/her self-perceptions of productivity and creativity. Clearly, part of setting yourself up for success is looking the part.

Get Out and See Friends
It doesn’t take long to realize that working from home has one major downside: there are no coworkers — at least not in the traditional sense. Working on your own can be great for your focus and productivity, but it can also get lonely. Getting out of the house and hanging out with your friends can give you a sense of perspective and help you recharge.


Working from home is a great option for workers all over the world, but maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to being productive and making sure that your work doesn’t take over your home life.

Source: Ekornes

Delving Into Living Room Furniture

Delving Into Living Room Furniture

Delving Into Your Living Room Furniture

What kind of room is your living room? Is it that kind of room with all of the fancy furniture and accessories, possibly antiques or family heirlooms. Is it a room where no one dares to enter, that is meant for “company”? Or is your home’s living room the place that might be considered the family room, the place where everyone gathers, family and friends alike? Whatever the purpose of the living room is in your home, the living room furniture and accessories is a necessary component in setting a certain preferred mood or theme, and should be representative of you and your family’s personality.

ScanDesigns Living RoomMost families spend the vast majority of their time together in the living room. That is most likely because that is where all of the “fun” things to do in the house are, like the television, stereo, perhaps even game systems. Next to the kitchen, the living room is the heart of the home. That is why it is important that your living room furniture be durable, accommodating (meaning that there is enough seating for family and guests), and comfortable.

When furnishing your living room, you should think about what your family uses it for. Is it for primarily watch television in there? Do you merely entertain company in the form of good conversation in there? Do you do a lot of reading or other activities such as sewing or crafts in there? Will guests be sleeping in there? Do you play games together in there? Deciding how you want to use the room will help you choose the appropriate pieces of furniture, and save you money in the long run.

ScanDesigns Divani ReclinerBasic Living Room Furniture

The basic living room furniture pieces are usually a sofa, one or more chairs (of various types), a coffee table, maybe some end tables, and lighting. When you are looking for a sofa, determine if you will be accommodating overnight guests in your living room. If so, you need to explore the sleeper sofa. Sleeper sofas have come a long way from the thin and lumpy mattress with a bar in your back, and provide a very comfortable place for your guests to slumber peacefully. If you don’t need a sleeper sofa, then think about the size your sofa needs to be. There are large sectionals that accommodate several people at once. There are sofa and love seat combinations that allow you more freedom in furniture arrangement. Determine what will fit in your room, and purchase accordingly.

When shopping for living room furniture, you need to determine if you need other types of seating besides a sofa. There are cushiony, comfy chairs and there are more formal occasional chairs. Depending on the activities that take place in your living room, the furniture should accommodate accordingly. There should also be enough seating to accommodate a good number of people, if you have a large family or entertain guests regularly.

Another type of living room furniture that is commonly seen is some kind of table. Beginning with the coffee table, you can add surfaces to play games, hold drinks and knick-knacks, even a place for someone to prop their weary feet upon. Coffee tables are often large enough to place sofas and chairs around, and provide a multitude of functions. There are also end tables, which provide a base for lighting fixtures, knick-knacks, magazines, and often act as accent pieces. If you want to use your living room for game playing, and the room is large enough, you can also consider a small game table in a corner.

ScanDesigns 878D Coffee TableMaking Your Living Room Functional

Lighting, though not considered furniture, is a vital accessory to include with your living room furniture. If you plan on reading, crafting, or playing games in your living room, then you will need good lighting. Ambient lighting is also nice in the living room for entertaining and relaxing.

No living room furniture setting is complete today without the entertainment center. It provides a place to store all of your home entertainment equipment, including the television, stereo, game systems, VCR, DVD player, and speakers. These come in a variety of sizes, colors, and types, and also come in a variety of prices. Again, what you buy depends on your needs and the size of your room.

When you are furnishing and decorating your living room, there is no need to use a particular theme. As long as the colors and patterns coordinate and follow your family’s style, it will be a great room to be in. By accessorizing with pictures, wall hangings, shelving, plants, or other personal touches, your living room will be a comfortable place that your family will enjoy spending time in. Your living room furniture is merely the basis upon which family memories are made.

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